Welcome Aboard


The start of a new relationship is precious.  It marks the coming together of people and the commitment made between them to explore new ideas, share their time and energy and embrace the wonderful synergy that results.  Honour this new beginning with a symbol of a decision well made.

Note: The image shows examples of items selected for a sample Welcome Aboard – Standard box.  The exact items and amount of items included will vary.

  • Jenga Mini | Hasbro
  • Stainless Steel Insulated Tumblers | U.Konserve
  • Healthy Hand Lotion | AG Body Care
  • Note(s) to Self Notebook | Gestur
  • Scented Sachet | Gestur
  • Coco Bar Chocolate – Salted Caramel | Coconama
  • Hand Sanitizer | Rebels Refinery
  • Cork Pen | Onyx + Green
  • Ground Coffee – Atwood Blend | Balzacs Coffee Roasters
  • Plastic Free Tote Bag | Gestur

Box Size: “14 x 10 x 4

Price: $150

Note: You can order a Standard box for any occasion.