Pursuit of Wellness


If optimal health is the goal, wellness is the path to get there.  And, in recent years, wellness has finally begun to assume its rightful place in our global collective consciousness.  Wellness is all-encompassing and inextricably tied to one’s awareness and choices in all aspect of life. Promote this journey with a gestur that aims to nourish and heal.

Note: The image shows examples of items selected for a sample Pursuit of Wellness – Premium box.  The exact items and amount of items included will vary.

  • Whole Leaf White Tea – White Peony | Anteeo Tea
  • Ceramic Tumblers | Pinto
  • Ch’Abil Chocolate Bar | Sirene Chocolate
  • Hand Cream | Rue de Marli
  • Hazel Rose Toner | Miiko Skin Co.
  • Gratitude Journal – Gestur
  • Shampoo Bar | The Unscented Co.
  • Ginger Infused Honey | Mellifera Bees
  • Coconut + Soy Wax Candle – Flora | Woodlot
  • Crush Bath Soak – Northern Sage Recovery | Bathorium
  • Cork Pen – Onyx + Green
  • Turkish Towel | Pokoloko
  • Scented Sachet – Gestur
  • #unbusy Soap Bar | Pep Soap Co.
  • Palo Santo + Blue Calcite Bundle | Alter Apothecary

Box Size: “14 x 10 x 4

Price: $350

Note: You can order a Premium box for any occasion.